Art Project

YOURARTBEAT is a multifaceted creative project promoting and initiating artistic processes. Furthermore, YOURARTBEAT is a forum for online communication where art professionals and art lovers interact with a large audience to advance the creative discourse, to share experiences, and to expand their knowledge. The project’s focus is on the preservation of cultural heritage and the dissemination of creative works by means of novel methods of visualisation and perception, repeatable at any time.
YOURARTBEAT is a network of diverse actors from different art domains. This creative diversity generates a multi- and interdisciplinary matrix, initiating a creative discourse, thus contributing to the enhancement of knowledge and skills and viral spreading of experimental learning.
YOURARTBEAT offers a setting of identification for members of the growing community, namely the YOURARTBEAT BLOG where they can exchange ideas, share skills, and advance the creative dialogue.
The virtual YOURARTBEAT GALLERY is a multi-dimensional and multi-media art space, which provides the opportunity to visualize, design, and experience individual works.
The YOURARTBEAT Market is a digital marketplace exclusively dedicated to the art trade, serving inter- and transactions between purchasers and vendors. For more information, see TOOLS.


The concept of YOURARTBEAT stands out for a realistic representation of art and the appeal to all senses for a unique immersive art experience. The use of innovative visualization technologies with enhanced effects for perception is essential and offers different approaches to discover and explore art in new ways.

Virtual tours, audio-visual experiences, and cross-media connections allow for an infinite diversity of options for imparting, presenting, and producing art. This way, unique experiences or situational conditions are preserved and publicly available. External factors as local distance, or time and transience are overcome and not obstacles any more.

Thus, a kind of artistic memory emerges and, at the same time, a very distinct art project which is jointly developed by the community, constantly expanded and enriched on digital meta level.

A team of creative professionals and experts of different disciplines supports artists by offering creative, technological, and organizational services. For more information, see CREATIVE SERVICE