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Your Art Beat Team

The team members of YOURARTBEAT stem from diverse professional fields but share the passion for arts. In the art project YOURARTBEAT, each member can express her/his individual strengths. We not only share the love for art and culture but have a common understanding in terms of aesthetics and quality.

We do not want to follow one specific path but rather explore diverse ones and constantly search for new horizons. We consider this the asset we want to incorporate into the entire project. In our work, we refer to established knowledge and combine it with innovative approaches, modern elements, and the current zeitgeist.

YOURARTBEAT’s aspiration is to facilitate the access to the world of art for everyone, artists, collectors, gallery owners, and executors of legacies. To this end, we offer creative services and closely co-operate with experts from different fields. Thus, we want to ensure that individual wishes, interests and aims are satisfied and realised.

The non-profit association YOUR ART BEAT e.V. was founded in 2017 with the aim to preserve art as well as cultural heritage and to develop a novel experience of art and a resource of knowledge.

This is the core team of YOURARTBEAT:

Prof. Dr. Matthias Welker

Ulrike Wiedensohler

Martin Dörken

Matthias Welker
Johanna Griebert

Jonas Köksal


Johanna Griebert –
Curator, Board YOUR ART BEAT e.V.

MOBILE – 0176 8488 7706


Hauptstrasse 20 –
10827 Berlin
MOBILE – 0176 3033 4274