Download of the TOOL-Overview

is a platform for interaction inviting to create and share multi media posts related to “art”, “culture”, and “creative experience”.

The YOURARTBEAT BLOG is an open platform where everybody can share and visualize contributions, interact and communicate with other contributors. Bloggers and visitors are invited to participate in the discourse. The thematic scope, of course, is about art, culture, and creative experience. Any kind of post is possible, from reviews to reports or interviews, presentations or critiques, contributions about artists, exhibitions, and performances, styles, innovations, and news, trends, and society. Photos, animations, videos, presentations, podcasts, web links, etc. should accompany the posts in order to establish a network of informative and entertaining contributions, which are the basis of this kind of art memory, a visual knowledge resource of all creative issues.

The YOURARTBEAT GALLERY is a virtual multidimensional art space displaying artistic works and creative experience. By means of innovative technologies and cross media communication, a passive reception of content is expected to be converted into active discovery leading to realistic experience.
This “visual knowledge repository” is currently developing; therefore, the BLOG is a first step to give rise to the big virtual art space – the YOURARTBEAT GALLERY. This will be organized as a multidimensional space extending the creative possibilities of the BLOG. Professional curation, aesthetic presentations, and indivdually adapted productions will highlight the qualitative aspects of every piece of art and make it accessible to the public. Virtual tours, 360° views, audio tracks, and information windows will transform the YOURARTBEAT GALLERY into an interactive world of entertainment.

Would it not be desirable to visit a former exhibition, throw an intimate glance at an art studio, or discover unique installations? Once the GALLERY will be established, the problems of transience and local distance will be overcome as well as unrealistic and disenchanting 2D views, which are opposed to real art experience with all its stimulations for the senses. The YOURARTBEAT GALLERY will not only capture and preserve artistic spaces in unique ways but allow for revisiting and re-experiencing them. To meet the demands for this virtual space, needs and requirements have to be assessed, the technological implementation explored and appropriate instruments developed.

To this end, YOURARTBEAT has assembled an international multidisciplinary team from different fields of art and the creative scene, a diverse group for research and development. Their perspectives, backgrounds, and views offer the basis for developing a concept by means of different methods and development schemes, like Design Thinking, which comprises and implements all theoretical issues and needs of the different actors.

is a digital trading platform within the Gallery. It is devoted exclusively to the art trade and allows for inter- and transactions between purchasers and vendors.

The YOURARTBEAT MARKET is part of the YOURARTBEAT GALLERY, a digital trading platform where artists can display their works in a standardized presentation scheme for sale or for leasing. The Market is a space for interaction and transaction open to vendors, purchasers, gallery owners, collectors, artists, art lovers, in short for everyone interested in the purchase and marketing of art.