Who can take advantage of YOURARTBEAT’s services?


Our present time is characterized by sensory overload, fast pace, and abundance. Only few artists are successful in making a breakthrough; a large number of talented artists disappear in the crowd. They often lack the necessary attention or the appropriate platform to reach the public. To this end, YOURARTBEAT offers a variety of services to make art visible and perceptible, to exploit and to capture it for good.

Gallery owners & Curators

Gallery owners and curators often wish to capture and preserve unique exhibitions, special installations or room structures, and to relive them repeatedly; not merely as two-dimensional pictures but as a stimulating experience. YOURARTBEAT’s options for visualization and digital formats of preservation overcome obstacles like local distance or time limits. 3D pictures and virtual tours create emotional and direct artistic experiences. This may result in additional options for external presentation and self-promotion of galleries or other exhibiton spaces.

YOURARTBEAT wishes to preserve particular exhibition formats, unique artistic presentations or remarkable curatorial accomplishments, as well for todays’ as for future generations.

Heirs of cultural legacy

Inheritors and administrators often feel overburdened by handling artistic legacies and the concomitant responsibility. They fear the lack of expert knowledge, insufficient access to appropriate resources, or have too little experience in the field of marketing and preservation of art to do justice to valuable remembrances, both from the monetary and material side but also in view of the historical and cultural value. YOURARTBEAT wants to counteract these problems by offering a variety of creative and consulting services. YOURARTBEAT wishes to preserve the oeuvre, the reputation, and the spirit of the artists. Valuable cultural goods shall remain through history and epochs.

Collectors & Investors

Private collectors or art investors do not have many possibilities to find qualitatively valuable art off the developed market or well-known auction houses and galleries. However, there is a large number of art works and artists that are not yet sighted, explored, or known, although they have monetary and cultural potential as well as quality, uniqueness, and beauty. Especially for this, YOURARTBEAT strives to show purchasers new paths for discovering art.

It is YOURARTBEAT’s mission to help discover art and find appropriate transaction partners.

Of course, our offer is not limited to these four groups of players. YOURARTBEAT can adapt services to individual needs and situational contexts.