YOUR ART BEAT is a creative network that celebrates the diversity of arts and creative expressions. We see ourselves as a multifunctional point of contact for everything to do with art, culture and creativity, with a special focus on the interaction between digital-virtual and physical-haptic. Our network links creative topics with resources for artists and galleries. New business models use social media as access to art experience and marketing of artworks.

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Art, culture and creativity are, in our opinion, very important and relevant elements in life. They give more beauty to our everyday environment, enrich our imagination and inspire our way of thinking. However, everybody has a quite different approach to these topics, with individual interests and personal expectations.

This is where YOUR ART BEAT comes in.

We have realized how important it is to look at art, culture and creativity from different perspectives and provide different approaches to satisfy individual preferences and needs. Accordingly, we have established a support structure that focuses on different creative areas and provides various resources to ensure that everyone can choose one’s own approach and pursue individual interests.

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