Which specific services does YOURARTBEAT offer?

Presentations / Exhibitions

Within the YOURARTBEAT network, artists, gallery owners, and art collectors can introduce themselves and their art works.

Virtual Art Space

YOURARTBEAT displays a virtual art space offering visitors the possibility to experience innovative forms of visualisation. Contributors are able to shape their own audio-visual space to present exhibitions, art studios, or other creative environments by using the latest technologies to immerse into virtual realities.

The team of YOURARTBEAT supports artists in organizing physical exhibitions, and in documenting and archiving their art work. Professional organization and curation ensure a high quality standard.
Conceptual Design
The team of YOURARTBEAT assists in creating virtual art spaces and in curating exhibitions or cultural events in galleries or other locations.
Strategy and administration

Besides economic, legal, and organizational counselling, the team of YOURARTBEAT develops individual communication strategies and policies to raise public awareness.

YOURARTBEAT not only connects individuals from within the creative scene such as artists and cultural workers, but also persons interested in buying, selling, and leasing art.
YOUARTBEAT co-operates with artists and an international interdisciplinary team of experts from the fields of exhibition management, copyright, CMS, and Managed Hosting, among others.
The virtual art space is apt for the digital archiving of art works, exhibitions, and other creative content, including indexing and cataloguing of print and digital formats.
Art depots
YOURARTBEAT finds art depots for the physical storage of artistic oeuvres or individual works – with access for interested parties.