artspace Bremerhaven

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Publ. 10.11.2021

On September 11 & 12, 2021, artspace Bremerhaven took place for the 4th time,  opening its doors for artists of all disciplines. The art festival has turned streets, workshops, galleries, hallways, ateliers, apartments, commercial spaces and vacancies into stages, canvases, and spaces for artistic resonations. 

Artspace Bremerhaven identifies itself as a voyage of discovery for the visitors through interdisciplinary moments of art and a kaleidoscope of border crossings, conventional disruptions and new born ideas.

Kateryna Bortsova, one of the artists of YOUR ART BEAT, showed her project WAY TO MY HEART. The concept of her project relates directly to travel and self-actualization in a globalized world. Kateryna Bortsova referred to the problems arising in connection with the closure of the borders due to the pandemic; how people seek their place in the global world when life suddenly narrows to the same country or even region. She wants to draw the viewer’s attention to a paradox: offline the world is closed and limited – online unlimited openness of content and links that are clearly manifested during a pandemic. In addition to the pandemic, there is the unsolved problem of migration, which has worsened worldwide.

Technically, the work is done with different colors, ink on used maps.