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Publ. 08.15.2018

Memory and memories

The pleasant experience or its opposite are the backbone of our memory, the connection of our episodic memory with our … >>

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Publ. 07.5.2018

Faces. Places

An unusual couple: Agnès Varda who just turned 90, a filmmaker and star in France since the 1950s. And JR, … >>

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Publ. 03.15.2018

Aesthetic competence

Aesthetic competence by Matthias Welker, Berlin. Why do I write a post for the YOURARTBEAT blog? What motivates me to … >>

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Publ. 11.20.2017

Streifen auf der Fensterscheibe

Streifen auf der Fensterscheibe, Contribution by Yvonne Michalik, Berlin Akribisch zugeschnittene dünne Streifen, die sich zu einem Muster anordnen, überall … >>

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Publ. 06.11.2017

Valentine Gallardo

https://www.patreon.com/valgallardo We like the comic stories of the Belgium artist Valentine Gallardo. She is looking for sponsors on patreon.com. We … >>