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Publ. 03.7.2022

YOURARTBEAT cannot be silent about the war in Ukraine.

Some of our artists are from Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. People and their art we have grown fond of. We would never exclude artists from Russia. We also do not ban Russian literature and music from our shelves, nor from our brains.
Violence threatens the lives of millions of people related to us.
And also specifically, we are without message by Kate Bortsova from Kharkiv.

The negative target point is clear, Putin pronounced in French is Putain.

My brain thinks of a play by Heiner Müller (text Maguerite Duras) and I have the words in my ear:
“La mort d’une putain. A présent nous sommes seuls cancer mon amour.”

The French are polite people, they write Poutine, which leads us to a Canadian national dish.

But when I think of Putin, I also think of Wagner, and Alberich, the dwarf from our sagas: „Gewänn ich nicht Liebe – doch listig erzwäng’ ich mir Lust!“

But what can be done instead of being silent or marginalizing?

We will start sequences in our podcast on the topic of “Heimaten” (homelands).
Homeland is neither a nation nor a common language. Why else should Russians shoot at Russians?
Homeland is a feeling of security within the family, with friends, also the fellowship in peer groups and a joint struggle for the future.
Also in the case of flight and migration and a hopefully temporary homelessness.

This is our topic, and we will present it not only in the Internet but also in exhibitions.


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