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Publ. 01.26.2021


The term Strollology translates as walking science and stems from the English term “to stroll” = to go for a … >>

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Publ. 10.18.2020

Ai Sato

In this post, Ai Sato talks about the creation of her works. In order to create my art:digital drawing, finding … >>

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Publ. 10.11.2020

Exit Athena

From November 19, 2020 Selma’s solo exhibition Exit Athena can be seen at the Museum Folkwang in Essen. With her … >>

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Publ. 10.11.2020

KMA Artwalk

In cooperation with the Berlin-based design studio Strollology, the ndi network of experts and the SRH University of Popular Arts … >>

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Publ. 06.3.2020

The I Ballet

“The I Ballet” by Martin Henkel Description of the installation: The entire installation was first visualized in a 3-D program … >>