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Publ. 10.17.2017


Well-known artist in Honduras – Newcomer in Berlin

Patty Dimo is a young and cosmopolitan painter born and raised in Honduras. There she already is an established and well-known artist, exhibiting and selling her art work regularly; but nevertheless she left her home country and set off to Barcelona. There she did her master degree in arts and furthermore realized that she needs to go out and explore other countries in Europe as well as their colors. So the impulse for artistic development and the curiosity in new inspiration were finally bringing her to Berlin.

In Berlin she has the chance to develop her arts, to experiment with her skills, to grow and widen her genre, her style and artistic character.


Patty feels inspired by various influences from several artistic movements and was already experimenting with their different techniques and methods. But there is a common aspect you can find in each of her paintings –you could either call it the „magical Dimo’sche formula“, which means the conjunction of


Especially Dimo’s use of COLOR is a strong characteristic of her arts and effectuate a recognition value. The significance of color in art has also been a big matter for the young artist inside her master thesis that is called „The Attribute of Color is Expressive and Emotive“ and from this, Dimos first solo show was following. For her the color has both, a figurative and a symbolic role, that she use to transform perspectives; because inside her paintings she is creating a new abstract reality, composed by her own view of the world, her interpretation of things, as well as her personal experiences and emotions. Dimo is working with divergent subjects and themes concerning her painting’s concepts but her basic schema consists of picking a real object -that constitutes the connecting element to reality-, transform its usual background, put it into another context and let emerge a new version of the formerly main motive. Thereby she uses her sensitive cognition to capture mental & atmospherical layers, to identify little details, hidden aspects, as well as everything that hides behind the obvious and beyond the logical. All these impressions get expressed on the canvas and create -in combination with the objective element- a visual allover representation of a specific matter. For her, it is very important to convey a personal reflection on the nature of beauty, sublime elements of mortality and to reveal the diversity of interpretations in the sense of the emotional interlocking of these concepts.


Patty’s latest art work series bear the wonderful name „Tropical Veins“, in which she is not just interpreting the theme -tropical- in diverse ways but also visualising the different directions of life you can go through. Every single color, every single pattern, every line, shape, stripe or texture represent in its own measurement and intensity, a special emotion, a new experience, an accural of further views and perspectives on the world -or a general lately influence in lfe. The final art work shows a dynamic visualisation of a life process and tell a story about the development and growth of personality.


As a meaningful art work series „Tropical Veins“ was presented two weeks ago at Berliner Liste 2017 for the first time. In the middle of this huge art fair where one artist booth is following the other, Dimo’s 10 qm2 cabin -adorned with floral pattern and multicolored acrylic paintings- was a real eye catcher in contrast to all Berliner Liste exhibitors, which mostly depict a reduced style.

After this performance at Berliner Liste, Dimo still counts as a Newcomer in abstract painting but is now an official member of Berlin’s contemporary art society, as well. From my point of view she was the shining sun of the fair and I wish her all the best in the future.


Patty is currently looking for a gallery space to present a special project. The art work series „The Beauty of Dying“ isn’t just a very moving and personal series, it is also a philosophical confrontation with one of the most relevant topics of humans: Dying.

So if you are interested in exhibiting Patty Dimo’s artwork in your gallery or art space, get in touch with her by following this link or write an email to

Of course, Patty is also looking forward to further requests, offerings and interested persons!


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