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Publ. 07.10.2017

-is the title of André Hennen’s book that discerns the different paths of life and working models (the permanent position, the freelance work and the foundation of an enterprise). The author also broaches the issues of private life, free time and starting a family, whereby he makes new cases and theses in the subject of modern work-life-balance.

„Kunst, Kommerz und Kinderkriegen“ is a mixture of guidebook, field report and entertaining work book. It also integrates philosophical approaches without getting too complicated or abstract and without loosing the connection or attention of the reader.

But in my opinion the most special thing about „Kunst, Kommerz und Kinderkriegen“ is the wonderful design, the high-value overall-arrangement and the way André Hennen is communicating his content. The illustrations and (info)graphics aren’t just illuminating and very understandable, they support the text and bring out the relevant statements. It is perfectly tailored to eye-minded and visual-thinking creatives!

CONTENT - Significant, Reflected and Accessible,

DESIGN - Appealing, Harmonious and Expedient


André Hennen is picking out the central themes of the current creative society and present generation. Themes and questions, everybody is dealing with and should think about... like

  • What is important for you as an creative individual?
  • What shall your future look like?
  • And which way of living do you want to focus?
  • What are your goals? And how can you reach them?
  • Which way is the best one to bring yourself to the market?

„Kunst, Kommerz und Kinderkriegen“ – RECOMMENDED!

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or have a look at the website of Verlag Hermann Schmidt