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Publ. 11.9.2017


Explore space, planets, and stars in a way, you probably never did before!

This project contains all kind of audiovisuals related to planets, stars and space exploration in general. All audiovisuals are made with code (Processing). The audio files are carefully researched – mostly original files that are available from NASA, ESA or any university or institute that conducts research projects in space. Each video contains an explicit description with audio references and hyperlinks. This series of audiovisuals is a long-term project and more visuals will be added with time and new interesting findings in space and beyond.

The platform behind this project calls thedotisblack and was created to explore generative drawings made with code, clearly defined: the programming language Processing. Founder of thedotisblack is David Mrugala, german architect, educator and professional that is currently living in Seoul, Korea.

This multidisciplinary concept combines natural science studies, sound analysis, digital visualization, and coding.

Not only the diverse backgrounds and influences are making this project unique, also the visual expression and aesthetic reflection abduct the viewer from reality and create a wonderful artistic just as scientific, allover experience.


Click here to find the whole youtube playlist – containing the Sound of Sun, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and its rings, Uranus and Neptune.

Click here to visit the Tumblr website  or the facebook page from thedotisblack.

In addition, you –happily– have the possibility to buy artworks or other products of thedotisblack. You can find the shop (via society6) here.


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