Marie Kirchner – When Objects Speak Back 1-3

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Publ. 03.4.2020

I’m in the house Schwarzenberg visiting the Neurotitan Gallery. First of all, I walk through the first large room to get into another, a little smaller one. In front of me, there are three overhead projectors. On top of them, white objects that at this point I can’t quite make out yet. I walk closer to the installation. Many small pieces of paper are spread on the floor. I stand directly in front of them and realize that different sentences are written on them. Questions, answers, quotations – it reminds me of a dialogue.

I don’t understand the installation yet, but I think it is exciting and I would like to learn more about it. At one of the overhead projectors, I can see a big elephant tusk.  Not real, of course, just fake. So, what is this installation about?

The artist, Marie Kirchner, is working with colonial objects and with all the questions they raise. Why were they kept in families, and not in museums, for hundreds of years, many generations, and two world wars? The object performance was created in the context of her research on colonial heirlooms.

In the performance, the objects are also meant to become actors, a game with perspectives takes place: am I looking at the objects?  Are the objects looking at me?  Since overhead projectors were used in the Neurotitan Gallery for the first time (normally the objects were always at the eye level of the viewer), I have the feeling of “looking down from above” – which makes me feel more superior.

In this gallery, Marie Kirchner focuses on the object in light and the shadows it creates.  This light/shadow play triggers me. There is something threatening and at the same time mysterious about it, and I ask myself, what the elephant tusk must have seen or experienced? If he were able, he could tell me perhaps so many things. Here it happens: the feeling of superiority disappears and the object becomes an actor. A dialogue takes place in my head. I have to smile a little when I think about it because I imagine myself talking to an elephant tusk. A little fun is necessary.

Now that I know the whole background of this installation, the meaning of the objects and how they treated me in the way of thinking and seeing,  I like this installation really much. Unfortunately, there was no piece of paper in the gallery itself through which one could have learned more.

Marie Kirchner was born in 1980 and grew up in Hamburg. She studied fine arts and has her studio on the RAW GELÄNDE in Berlin. She belongs to the “Freie AusstellungsKollektiv FAK Berlin”.  Come and have a  look at it.


FORENSIC DENSE – an installed interaction

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Publ. 08.23.2017

Action. Reaction. Interaction. is the guiding principle of the upcoming techno-dancefloor-installation – FORENSIC DENSE – taking place in the frame of Exotic State’s 4th party at Griessmühle.

Recently the young underground Techno Label Exotic State offers its visitors and party guests a little more than expressive techno and strong sounds. The berlin boys granted their party series an additional artistic touch, as well as the possibility of an experimental allround-experience.

Last party, the Exotic State Vol 3., the Digital Artist Esben Holk (House of Killing) was presenting his installation „Welcome to the Internet – Are you also Lost?“ Inside a very intimate and dreamy tent, the artist confronted the visitors directly and floated the question „R U?“.

At the upcoming Exotic State Event, the project FORENSIC DENSE will take over the artistic part and present its new extraordinary concept:

FORENSIC DENSE ist eine Versuchsanordnung auf der Tanzfläche.

Zu ermitteln sind die flüchtigen Faktoren eines Kollektivereignisses: Dynamik, Bewegung, Masse und Verteilung im Raum. Was passiert, wenn wir diese Faktoren sichtbar machen, sie in Rückkopplung zu den grundlegenden Elementen des Techno Dancefloors setzen – Sound, Licht und Visuals…

Am Donnerstag, den 24. August, laden Exotic State zur vierten Party in die Griessmühle ein. Neben Techno im Silo präsentiert Exotic State zudem die interaktive Audiovision FORENSIC DENSE im Hyperraum.

Initiiert und entwickelt von Experience Designerin Mareike Bode,
dem Digital Artist Esben Holk von House of Killing,
dem Universal-Technik-Genie Pit Mathias,
der freien Kuratorin Johanna Griebert
und musikalisch konzipiert von Exotic State.

Take a look by yourself and join this technotic experience! Have Fun =)