FORENSIC DENSE – an installed interaction

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Publ. 08.23.2017

Action. Reaction. Interaction. is the guiding principle of the upcoming techno-dancefloor-installation – FORENSIC DENSE – taking place in the frame of Exotic State’s 4th party at Griessmühle.

Recently the young underground Techno Label Exotic State offers its visitors and party guests a little more than expressive techno and strong sounds. The berlin boys granted their party series an additional artistic touch, as well as the possibility of an experimental allround-experience.

Last party, the Exotic State Vol 3., the Digital Artist Esben Holk (House of Killing) was presenting his installation „Welcome to the Internet – Are you also Lost?“ Inside a very intimate and dreamy tent, the artist confronted the visitors directly and floated the question „R U?“.

At the upcoming Exotic State Event, the project FORENSIC DENSE will take over the artistic part and present its new extraordinary concept:

FORENSIC DENSE ist eine Versuchsanordnung auf der Tanzfläche.

Zu ermitteln sind die flüchtigen Faktoren eines Kollektivereignisses: Dynamik, Bewegung, Masse und Verteilung im Raum. Was passiert, wenn wir diese Faktoren sichtbar machen, sie in Rückkopplung zu den grundlegenden Elementen des Techno Dancefloors setzen – Sound, Licht und Visuals…

Am Donnerstag, den 24. August, laden Exotic State zur vierten Party in die Griessmühle ein. Neben Techno im Silo präsentiert Exotic State zudem die interaktive Audiovision FORENSIC DENSE im Hyperraum.

Initiiert und entwickelt von Experience Designerin Mareike Bode,
dem Digital Artist Esben Holk von House of Killing,
dem Universal-Technik-Genie Pit Mathias,
der freien Kuratorin Johanna Griebert
und musikalisch konzipiert von Exotic State.

Take a look by yourself and join this technotic experience! Have Fun =)


Augmented Reality Guide – PART III

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Publ. 07.26.2017

AUGMENTED REALITY Guide -what you need to know- PART III


In the frame of this AR article series, part III is about the current status of AR inside the modern society, as well as the previous (private and) commercial use.

When you are confronted with Augmented Reality, the first buzzwords you are thinking of might be something like „technical innovation“, „complex algorithms“, „future trends“ or „new digital options“. But we have already made our first AR experiences as kids, for example, the children’s books with folding 3D models to learn about different objects and educate dimensions und proportions.

Nowadays big companies like Microsoft, Google or Apple are making demands on „AR“ and put their expensive products to the foreground of proceedings because they have already identified the big potential of AR technologies – In regard of entertainment as well as in information.

Augmented Reality opens us plenty of opportunities! The main categories where AR is being used for right now are not only the children’s 3D books or the animal selfie masks… There are so much more examples and fields, like:

Companies and brands use AR for their MARKETING to create an interactive experience for their customers and speak to their target group in an entertaining and playful way. They even use it in retail and build up whole AR customer service assistances which provide advice to the clients, convoy them during their brand experience and actually generate an active and lively shopping adventure.

But in general, the demand of AR in the field of INFORMATION DESK AND GUIDANCE is increasing and I am not only speaking of virtual signposts at every street corner or navigation assistance; also the tourism, as well as the arts&culture scene take more and more advantage of the new information tool AR. Especially cultural institutions, museums or galleries try to attract the audience with Enhanced Reality to arrange their visits more exiting or communicate their content in a more practical way.

And here we are at the next big field, in which AR is demonstrating its big potential: EDUCATION. With the aid of new AR training programs, technicians can practice their crafts, get ready for „real-life“ -field service or engineering missions. Actually, medicine students and upcoming doctors do benefit from new AR programs & training – they do not only learn in a very active and efficient way, the users also get feelings for inner structures, proportions and have the possibility to exercise postpositive practical cases. The surgical ward is already using AR during real operations or surgical interventions to get a better view of internal organs etc. At the moment, Augmented Reality is also getting more and more introduced in school education, teaching and classes. And of course, it does… Every kind of content can get transmitted in a more dynamic, playful, lifelike and practical way.

In contrast to the more experimental use of AR in education, its use in the GAMING AND ENTERTAINMENT sector seems to be very established; and also the creative heads of the DESIGN AND CREATION INDUSTRY discover all the new opportunities and adopt them into their work – especially in space or product design, AR lend itself to visualise projects, present their ideas or give others an understanding of new plans.

AR enables us to a plenty of creative, entertaining and informative possibilities. It offers chances to get a deeper knowledge and comprehension, to understand things better, to learn easier and to experience more intense!

Here you can see a collage with diverse examples of contemporary use of Augmented Reality