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Publ. 09.13.2017

Peer to Space is a creative organisation focusing on young contemporary arts -especially digital and Internet art-. Tina Sauerländer is the founder of peer to space (2010) and has already curated exhibitions and shows in frame of reputable institutions like HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste, Basel) or at POSITIONS (a yearly Berlin Art Fair).

But she curates online exhibitions, as well,

to increase the visibility of new ways of artistic expression,

to create an easy access & raise the people’s interest in art and

to bring new forms of creativity into our modern environment, to current channels and devices,

thereby she totally catches up the nower Zeitgeist. Pioneering…

Mermaids and unicorns is the name of peer to space’s latest online exhibition and deals with the blurry boarders of humans’ on- and off-screen reality, the perception and acceptance of new truths, the impermanence and evanescence of up-to-dateness.


Next to interdisciplinary exhibitions, workshops and other projects, peer to space presents new forms of expressions and approaches in young contemporary art. Similarly to the concept of YOURARTBEAT, peer to space also serves a platform for artistic exchange of knowledge and experience.

The intention of peer to space is defined by its name – it combines the structure of Peer to peer Networking with the ideas of space, freedom and openness to artistic expression.

Aside: Peer to peer networking (P2P) means computer-networks where several computers can work together equally – it is an offering and sharing of own, as well as the use of the others’ services, functions and resources.


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FORENSIC DENSE – an installed interaction

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Publ. 08.23.2017

Action. Reaction. Interaction. is the guiding principle of the upcoming techno-dancefloor-installation – FORENSIC DENSE – taking place in the frame of Exotic State’s 4th party at Griessmühle.

Recently the young underground Techno Label Exotic State offers its visitors and party guests a little more than expressive techno and strong sounds. The berlin boys granted their party series an additional artistic touch, as well as the possibility of an experimental allround-experience.

Last party, the Exotic State Vol 3., the Digital Artist Esben Holk (House of Killing) was presenting his installation „Welcome to the Internet – Are you also Lost?“ Inside a very intimate and dreamy tent, the artist confronted the visitors directly and floated the question „R U?“.

At the upcoming Exotic State Event, the project FORENSIC DENSE will take over the artistic part and present its new extraordinary concept:

FORENSIC DENSE ist eine Versuchsanordnung auf der Tanzfläche.

Zu ermitteln sind die flüchtigen Faktoren eines Kollektivereignisses: Dynamik, Bewegung, Masse und Verteilung im Raum. Was passiert, wenn wir diese Faktoren sichtbar machen, sie in Rückkopplung zu den grundlegenden Elementen des Techno Dancefloors setzen – Sound, Licht und Visuals…

Am Donnerstag, den 24. August, laden Exotic State zur vierten Party in die Griessmühle ein. Neben Techno im Silo präsentiert Exotic State zudem die interaktive Audiovision FORENSIC DENSE im Hyperraum.

Initiiert und entwickelt von Experience Designerin Mareike Bode,
dem Digital Artist Esben Holk von House of Killing,
dem Universal-Technik-Genie Pit Mathias,
der freien Kuratorin Johanna Griebert
und musikalisch konzipiert von Exotic State.

Take a look by yourself and join this technotic experience! Have Fun =)